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Andrew Chopra: Music

EASTWEST 2008 Contest “Score This Movie”

(Film created by Zennor Alexander; Music composed by Andrew Chopra)
July 1, 2008
This contest, sponsored by EASTWEST SOUNDSONLINE, consisted of a short film created by Zennor Alexander for users to score using their sampling libraries. Not only did composers write music fit to the scenes but also sequenced and mixed the audio into the film before finally posting their entry on the internet. This has been an enjoyable experience and an interesting opportunity to be able to hear a wide variety of composers’ creative interpretations of music for this film.

The three links below will allow one to download the QuickTime video file, MP3 music file, and the PDF file of the score for Andrew Chopra’s submission of “The Circularity of Life.” In addition, one can view other users’ submissions by visiting the forum located within the website of Sounds Online (

The following about the film is from the Sounds Online website:


This is a movie about the circularity of life - an impressionistic rendering of a life-cycle. A bit like a dream where meanings morph and merge, and forms evolve from one another. A flickering blob of "paint" turns into a "seed". Leaves turn into moths. Moths turn into birds. The landscape tosses and turns depending on the mood. You might think of it as an abstract painting coming to life.

0.00 - 0.11 Out of the void comes a seed. It arrives in a desolate landscape. (isolation but also hope, a flickering light of promise in a dark sea of randomness)

0.11 - 0.25 Despite the bareness, the seed manages to sprout into a plant. (birth, determination, struggling against the odds)

0.25 - 0.37 The plant grows, its energy spreads out into the surroundings, bringing it to life. (growing, expanding, a fountain of energy prevailing over lifelessness)

0.37 - 0.53 The red/green leaves of the plant mature and eventually fly off in all directions. We follow one on its journey into the distance. (joie de vivre, accomplishment, end of growth phase, beginning a purposeful journey into the unknown)

0.53 - 1.01 Over the horizon, the world is still abstract, unformed, monochrome. (emptiness, pre-dawn, infinite waiting)

1.01 - 1.10 A burst of energy signals the arrival of two entities, and forms begin to move and take shape. (arrival, ignition, spreading light in the darkness, anticipation)

1.10 - 1.30 We see the two entities are the original red/green Leaf and a new blue/orange leaf from elsewhere. The two fly around the growing formations in a mating dance, eventually merging. (dancing, excitement, playful, soul-mates find each other in the wilderness)

1.30 - 1.48 The monochromatic world explodes into life and color. The merged leaves become mature wings, and fly off through this new world to find the original void from which they came. (climatic, exhilaration, raison d'etre)

1.48 - 2.00 A change to monochrome marks a return to the void, and the wIngs dissolve and compact to become a new Seed, completing the cycle. (fulfillment, winding down, life fades in this form but continues in another, ending is beginning)

“The Circularity of Life” film
“The Circularity of Life” music
“The Circularity of Life” score