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Andrew Chopra: Music

EASTWEST May/June 2007 Film Scoring Contest

(Film created by Zennor Alexander; Music composed by Andrew Chopra)
June 30, 2007
This contest, sponsored by EASTWEST SOUNDSONLINE, consisted of a short film created by Zennor Alexander for users to score the music using their sampling libraries. Not only did users write music fit to the scenes but also had to sequence and mix the audio into the video file and then post their submission on the internet. This has been an enjoyable experience and an interesting opportunity to be able to hear a wide variety of composers’ creative interpretations of music for the film.

As stated on their website, “The concept of the movie ... Not every seed falls on fertile ground. Some drown in seas, some fry in deserts. This one fell through a crack in reality, and landed in a digital wasteland - a dumping ground of discarded 3D splines and polygons. Still, it tried - and what grew was a amalgam of analog life and digital waste. Life, but not as we know it - and certainly not as long.”

The following links will allow one to download the QuickTime video file as well as a PDF file of the score for Andrew Chopra’s submission of “Life’s Destiny.” In addition, one can view other users’ submissions by visiting the forum located within their website

Life's Destiny Movie Apple Quicktime format
Life's Destiny PDF Adobe Portable Document format