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Andrew Chopra: Music

Music Copyright Notice

(Andrew Chopra)
Thank you for visiting the music section of this website. Please feel free to download and listen to the following music compositions; however, please read the following notice first (all that legal stuff).

Important Notice!!!:

The following is an agreement between you, “the user,” and Andrew Chopra, “the composer.” The following audio tracks are copyrighted material by the composer. Certain restrictions are in place to protect the music itself and the accomplishments of the composer and any performers, if applicable. In addition, permission to publicly post on this website any of the music that incorporates live performers has been obtained by those performers, with the exception of larger ensembles (of a “non-professional,” non-union member nature), in which permission was instead obtained by the then-current director of that ensemble.

The user may download, listen to, and share the music on a personal, non-commercial basis only. The user may also burn an audio CD of the tracks for personal use as well and/or pass the music onto others (i.e. family, friends, etc.); however, an inclusion of the necessary courtesy credits of the composer, and if applicable, the performer(s) or sampling software used, is highly appreciated. In addition, none of the music may be published (even for non-commercial purposes) on a CD, other electronic form, or website without the permission of the composer. Furthermore, none of the audio tracks may be modified or changed (with the exception of conversion to other audio formats for disk-space conservation) without the express permission of the composer. This includes, for example, splitting the individual tracks into segments, incorporating and utilizing them as samples, re-mixing them, or performing any other editing tasks or audio engineering to them. This agreement may be modified in the future; however, the music content still remains copyrighted material.

*If you are someone who would like to use any of the audio tracks in a commercial-based product (i.e. media, etc.), or in a performance, please contact Andrew Chopra for further information or arrangements; however, please note that it may be infeasible to use for such purposes recordings of certain pieces performed by live performers because of the necessity of obtaining permissions and abiding by union rules.

*If you would like to use any of the music in a non-commercial project (i.e. general presentation, academic analysis, background atmospheric music put to media, etc.) that is publicly presented or otherwise, please contact Andrew Chopra for further information.

(Updated 11/9/05)